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In 1996 a group of civic-minded individuals who shared a common passion in the teaching
and education of the youth in the small town of Ehime gathered together to exchange views 
on formulating a program of activities that could attract the participation of school children. 
This initiative was met with the overwhelming support of everyone present and in the same year, 
they incorporated GAINA(meaning brilliant or distinguished) with the sole purpose of 
carrying out educational activities. Training programs were organized and conducted 
form time to time by this dedicated group of private educators.
In response to the encouraging interest shown by the parents and students to GAINA’s 
educational activities,Mr.Masaru Kono, at the association’s President and a private educator,
invited his peers from ten other juku-school (private school preparing students for entrance 
examinations) to expand the scope of GAINA’s limited home-based activities. 
A new organization was born. Mr.Masaru Kono was elected the founding President 
and in his inaugural address,outlined GLEEA’s Mission and Vision.

We would greatly like to thank the many involved in their support of GLEEA.

[Official Name]
Global Education and Human Exchange Association

GLEEA was founded by members of educational cooporation called “GAINA”,which had established 1996,and other private educators in Japan.

1.Notwithstanding that GLEEA is not funded by the government,it is committed to complement and supplement the Government’s efforts in providing quality education and training for our youth.

2.GLEEA is dedicated to the holistic development of students to their fullest potential – equipped with the skills,knowledge and moral values to succeed in life and in the Global working environment.

3.Collaborate with renowned and refutable foreign institutions and universities in pursuit of continuous improvement and learning to realize GAINA’s aim of nurturing “brilliant”students.

4.Foster Student Exchange Program for college and university students to understand/appreciate the differences in religious and cultural practices and sensitivities in different host countries.

5.Introduce and promote the best paractices in glabal education to private educators.


1.To be acknowledged as a “distinguished” Association for the promotion of education/learning and in so doing to raise both the profile and professionalism of private educators both nationally and internationally.

2.To provide our students opportunities for personal and academic advancement through creative and innovative programs of immersion/interaction in a multi-cultural global environment.

3.To be recognized as a preferred source of reference for business corporations in their recruitment of foreign graduates and Japanese students for overseas postings.


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